A new gate installation comes with responsibility since it is a heavy system & must be maintained frequently to avoid emergency gate repairs.

Gates are installed to secure the perimeter of your home or business but they must also operate properly in order for you to avoid accidents. Broken swing gate hinges and damaged tracks of sliding gates will forbid the proper operation of the system and might cause injuries to you or valuables.

When pressing the gate remote control button to enter with your car, you expect the gate to full y open with ease. The gates must also close well to ensure full protection of your house and for these reasons maintenance is mandatory.

General gate maintenance service is suggested 1-2 times a year and is the least you can do to safeguard functional systems. Since your gate and its components are exposed to elements at all times, gates would need more frequent inspections and repairs.

Checking the material is also crucial. A wood gate may expand or distort due to weather conditions without good and regular treatments. A steel or wrought iron gate can erode and rust over the years if not painted and cleaned properly. Despite that, you should mainly focus on inspecting the component parts of the mechanism.


Are the sliding gate wheels sitting properly on the tracks? Does the automatic gate opener work without making too much noise (grinding, squeaking, etc)? Is the chain rusty? Are the hinges rusty or look worn? Does the latch no longer latch properly? Are the safety sensors still detecting all objects?

Make sure the sensors work fine by systematically testing them and lubricate the moving parts based on the instructions of your manual or a gate professional. Electric gate repair is necessary to avoid operative problems, which will not only be a hassle (gate getting jammed open, shut or mid-way), falling off-tracks, etc) but they will possibly compromise the safety of your family, home or business.

For the same reasons, you need to take care of the remote control and keypad or intercom system – keeping it clean and changing the batteries often.

Your home or business is much more safe and secure with 1-2 times general maintenance of your gate.  Contact our professionals today to schedule a general gate maintenance. Our pros will come and inspect your gate and all its components to make sure everything is working as intended. This is the best ways to keep your system safe, enjoy their convenience and avoid emergency (and costly) gate repairs.