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Commercial Garage Door Installation in North Hollywood CA

Commercial garage door installation is a process that involves installing new or repairing existing garage doors or gates that protects homes and businesses. A new commercial garage door will provide the business owner and employees with safety and security for their company property. At All Garage Doors and Gates: Commercial Garage Door Installation, we guarantee you quality and affordable installation services on commercial and residential garage doors and gates. 

We specialize in the installation of commercial overhead door systems; we can custom make numerous designs to fit your business’ needs. We install roll-up, sectional, one-piece, customized, sliding doors or gates as well as automatic operators that will provide efficiency for your business operations. Our professional team offers maintenance and repair services as well as new construction installations of all residential and commercial garage doors; we will help improve fire protection by installing automatic sprinkler systems compatible with every garage door type. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, workers comp certified for any kind of job that is needed in the area including but not limited to Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and Valencia, North Hollywood, Burbank, and Glendale California. With our high-grade material that is used for our garage door installation services, you are guaranteed a fast service that will be done professionally by licensed technicians who know their craft. We have been providing quality garage doors since, so we are the right team to call when you need any of your current or future business needs to be addressed. 

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

There are many types of commercial garage doors you can install in your business, including roll-up doors and sectional overhead. The type that will work best for your needs depends on your budget, the amount of space that is available, the level of security you desire, and how much traffic goes through it every day.

Regardless of what kind of commercial garage door has been installed in your building, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it working properly. You should have it inspected by a professional once each year who can make sure both the opener and the door are working correctly. They may also be able to help you determine if any repairs need to be made.

One sign that commercial garage door installation might be needed is because this or that happened when you were trying to get it open. For example, you accidentally hit the wall when you were opening the door because it was hard to operate, this is usually a sign that there might need some adjustments made in your opener.

Some people find that they automatically know if something is wrong with their commercial garage door installation because it just doesn’t look right. If you don’t notice anything about it but can’t seem to remember seeing it since before, then there may be problems. The good news is that these kinds of things are generally relatively easy to fix so long as they are noticed early enough by someone who knows how to fix them.

If you want estimates for Commercial Garage Door Installation to contact our company. We offer both competitive pricing and superior service. We are experts at commercial garage door installation. When it comes to Commercial Garage Door Installation you won’t be disappointed with us. Our experts will help fix any problems that your business may have with its Commercial Garage Door Installation.

You can also learn more about Commercial Garage Door Installation by visiting our website. You’ll find everything you want to know about Commercial Garage Door Installation or any other service we offer there, including price estimates and photos of the exact kind of work we’ve done for others like you in the past. 

Benefits of Having a Garage Door Installed for Your Business/Company

Commercial garage door installation is an exciting and popular business to start and become successful in. Many benefits come with the process of installing commercial garage doors for both you and your customers. Here are some of them:

Keep your customers safe

When you’re running a business, one of your main goals is to keep everyone involved as safe as possible. A commercial garage door provider will be able to install the proper safety measures needed at all times so that everyone is protected. You can get things like automatic door openers, fire alarms, back-up alarms, UV lights, break-in detectors, auto sensors for doors left open too long, heavy-duty springs, and more during the process. These will help ensure that none of your customers or employees get hurt while at the business. What you can do: You can remind your customers that everyone is safer with a commercial garage door provider on the job and recommend them to any of their friends who might need such services soon. 

A huge boost in security

A safe business means a secure business, and there’s no better way to ensure that than with quality security measures. A commercial garage door provider will be able to install a system that allows all doors for the building to lock shut at once if an emergency arises. This helps keep intruders out of a place where they don’t belong and it gives peace of mind to everyone inside who doesn’t have access outside. It also helps keep everything inside safe and secure until help arrives. What you can do: You can mention to customers how easy it is for them to get a cohesive security system by hiring a commercial garage door provider and even offering business discounts for the referral.  

Bring in more business

An up-to-date commercial garage door will attract more attention than one that hasn’t been updated in decades. Customers will be able to quickly spot the latest features, benefits, and technology during their visit, which makes them feel as if they’re entering a state-of-the-art facility instead of something stuck in a time warp. Plus, a lot of these newer doors are built with safety sensors so people who need special attention can take advantage of them, such as the elderly and people who might get hurt by a steep driveway. This helps get more people to come in and browse your business or decide to expand their services at their place of business nearby. What you can do: Provide coupons for customers who pay full price for their service and give a discount if they roll it over into referrals.

Keep the competition behind

If you’re providing not just quality service but services that surpass everyone else in your field, then your customers will be willing to stick with you despite what others offer. This is because they know that when they need something done well and on time, you’ll be there for them when other companies can’t or won’t take the job. You can even start to build a reputation online that draws in more customers because they know you’re one of the best options locally. 

Commercial Garage Door Repairs

If you need garage door repair, you have come to the right place. Commercial garage doors require regular maintenance usually every 6 months, however, most people are not aware of this or simply don’t think about it. They often overlook the signs that indicate they should have a professional garage door repair technician come out to inspect. This is when they end up having an emergency on their hands that leaves them unable to use one of the most important aspects of their business. Here are some signs it’s time for garage door repair:

When you have one or more of these issues, contact us for garage door repair. It’s important for your home or business because if the overhead door is not working correctly it can cause problems with opening or closing properly, or at all. You may not be able to close the door overnight, depending on the issue at hand. That being said, you do not want to wait until an emergency sets in before getting garage door repair done. It’s better to get on top of things right away so no further damage will be caused by neglecting this type of maintenance work.

If there are any issues with your garage door, schedule a time to meet with an expert for garage door repair. They can help you identify any issues with your current door and recommend the solution that is best for your needs. It’s important to get this work done by professionals because they are experienced and have the solutions that are best suited to the type of overhead door you have. Call on All Garage Door and Gates to take care of these types of issues, offering free consultations and can offer the most professional repair options. 

Most Common Types of Garage Door Repairs

There are a few types of garage door repairs that you need to know about. Understanding these will help you know which type your issue is, and then you can choose the best company for the job, namely All Garage Door and Gates!

Cables That Are Loose or Snapped

If one or more of your cables have snapped or loosened from the drum,  your garage door will not work correctly and may be jammed diagonally and offtrack. As long as they are working properly, nothing happens. But once you have a snap in the cable, it changes how things are supposed to move on your garage door’s tracks. You probably won’t notice these things happening, but your cables are vital to how the door works. If you need to have cables replaced, you must call a garage door repair company right away. A licensed, experienced technician will know which cables are necessary for your type of overhead garage door.

You Need New Tracks
or Rollers

If your commercial garage door repairs include needing new tracks or rollers, chances are you didn’t notice at first that they were worn out. This is particularly true if it took some time for them to get to this point. Sometimes, all you need to do is get new tracks or rollers, and then the issue will be fixed without having any other issues with your door. However, before installing them, you must clean off any dirt or debris on the track of your garage door because if there are things stuck in there, it could make the new part not work right away. This type of project can usually be solved rather quickly by a garage door professional.  

Broken Garage Door Springs

This is more common than garage door cable repairs because it takes longer for the springs to break – usually a few years. Over time, all extension springs and torsion springs start to stretch out their coils. Once the spring becomes so worn, the spring will break. Garage door springs should be replaced by a skilled professional. We do not recommend doing it yourself as they can be dangerous and possibly hurt you if not replaced properly. There are many sizes of springs and a professional would be able to provide standard or custom size springs to properly fit your overhead garage door.

Why Should You Hire Us for Your Commercial Garage Door Installations and Repairs?

If you’re in need of Commercial Garage Door Installation or Commercial Garage Door Repair, then your best bet is to call ALL Garage Doors and Gates. Among them is Commercial Garage Door Installation in North Hollywood. No matter the type of business you have or the size of your company, we can install a commercial-grade garage door that offers durability and security for years to come. When you need a new garage door or require service on one that is old or broken, our technicians are ready to get the job done. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when choosing us for Commercial Garage Door Installation in North Hollywood:

With years of experience, All Garage Doors and Gates is dedicated to providing residents with the best garage door installation. Our team takes pride in being able to provide high-quality service that clients are happy with. And, if anything does go wrong with your garage door, our skilled technicians will be there to fix it as soon as possible. We also offer a wide variety of services other than Commercial Garage Door Installation in North Hollywood so no matter what issues you have or what kind of garage door you require, we can help!  

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Maya RozovMaya Rozov
19:22 25 Mar 22
We absolutely love our garage door! We’re slowly updating and remodeling our house and this is by far one of the best experiences we’ve had with a vendor! They provided not only the best price, but the team was so professional, nice, easy to work with, accommodating and also funny and enjoyable to work with! We will definitely be using them again for when we replace our gate and I will highly recommend them to anyone who needs a garage door or gate in the future!!
sharon kaufmansharon kaufman
23:52 24 Mar 22
I had the most amazing experience with All Garage Doors and Gates!!! I had an emergency with my garage door where it almost dropped down on my car. A part was loose and the emergency lever was loose. I called them right away and Aidan was at my home within the hour. I can't believe how quickly he was able to help and fix the broken part. He is kind, compassion and a pleasure to be around. I will be calling him right away when I have any other issues going forward. I highly recommend this Garage Door company. Amazing service and super caring people!!!!
Marian EmmaMarian Emma
01:46 01 Mar 22
Best company to call for help when the garage door is stuck. Eli came out within an hour in the evening time and changed out the broken springs. He also checked out the other parts of the door and the opener to make sure everything was working fine. Gave me tips on caring for the springs in the future. Very honest and great pricing.
Paige ParkerPaige Parker
15:54 25 Jan 22
The whole experience was great. They arrived came up with a plan to work with my low ceiling Garage door and provided the quote quickly. Once I gave the go ahead the door arrived sooner than expected and installation was great. I would definitely use them again. As a plus, more professional and less expensive than the other quote I got.I will use them agai.
Eran HEran H
22:21 11 Jan 22
Thank you ALL Garage Doors and Gates. I live out of state and Dana and her crew have always taken care of my garage door repair issues on my properties. Never had a worry and always a perfect job! Best garage door repair company in North Hollywood - highly recommend them on.. very reliable and professional 👍
MJ MadisonMJ Madison
19:27 03 Jan 22
My experience with ALL Garage has been fantastic. Dana was very responsive and easy to work with. She was very understanding with all my changes. I really had a hard time just getting a quote from other companies. I don't understand why some companies would take the trouble to send someone out and not just send a quote. I was super happy with this company. They were happy to clarify things with me about the project and made sure I understood the scope of work. Thank You ALL GARAGE DOORS and GATES!!