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Commercial Garage Door Repair – Everything You Need to Know

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Commercial Garage Door Repair in North Hollywood

Commercial garage door repair is an essential service for any business or organization that relies on secure, reliable access to its premises. Commercial garage doors are typically much larger than residential ones and require specific safety considerations in order to ensure the safety of everyone who may be in or around the structure. And while regular maintenance can help keep commercial garage doors running smoothly, repairs may still be necessary over time due to wear and tear or accidental damage. 

In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know about what makes up commercial garage door repair. We’ll also discuss some common issues with commercial garage doors as well as what types of parts might be affected by them.

What are the different types of Garage Door Repair?

The first thing you should know are the different types of Garage Door Repair Types available. A garage door is one of the most critical parts of your home, especially if you live in a climate where snow and ice are common. Not only does it protect your car, but it also prevents the weather from damaging your house and its contents. 

Unfortunately, even though garage doors are built to last for decades, they can still break down eventually. When this happens, you’ll need to call a repair service to fix it immediately before the problem gets worse or causes further damage.


These garage doors are for your homes. These are typically made out of steel or aluminum, and can be installed in a variety of ways. Residential garage doors can also be insulated to help reduce the amount of heat that gets into your home during winter months.


These garage doors are much heavier and stronger than residential doors, so they require a different type of repair. Commercial garage doors are often made of steel, aluminum, or wood. 


An emergency service is available 24/7 for all garage door repair and opener repair. Whether you need a new garage door opener or your existing one is acting up, experts can help you with any of these things.

Now that you have some insight into the different types of garage door repair we can now dive deeper into our topic today which is Commercial Garage Door Repair. 

What is commercial garage door repair?

Commercial garage door repair is the process of repairing or replacing a commercial garage door. A commercial garage door and a Commercial Garage door service is commonly used in large buildings like warehouses, factories, and office buildings. Commercial garage doors are much larger than residential garage doors and require specific safety features because they are often loaded with goods.

If you work in an industry that has heavy equipment or trucks moving around your building every day, you understand how important it is to keep your employees safe while they’re on the job. A commercial garage door repair company can help maintain the integrity of your structure by making sure all parts of your unit are functioning properly and safely securing them if needed.

Types of garage door parts to be inspected by a Commercial Garage Door Repair company

When you are inspecting a commercial garage door, there are certain parts of the door that need to be inspected. This is important in order to ensure that your garage door is working properly and safely. Below you will find a list of some of the things that should be inspected by a Commercial Garage Door Repair company during an inspection:

The opener

The opener is the motor that opens and closes the door. It is connected to the door by a chain or belt, which runs through wheels on either side of the door. The opener is also connected to a bracket mounted on your wall, which in turn connects to a power source via a power cord.

The main purpose of this inspection is to see if there are any parts missing from these connections or if there are loose bolts or screws holding them together. They will also check for electrical malfunctions caused by faulty wiring before we do anything else.

The tracks

The tracks are the metal rails that the door rolls on. These should be checked for damage, especially at the ends of each track and at any other points where you can feel a bump or catch. If there is a problem with your tracks, experts will offer to fix them for you.

A Commercial Garage Door Repair company will also inspect the rollers and hinges that connect your garage door to the overhead track system to make sure they are properly aligned and functioning properly. This includes checking for loose bolts, cracks or bends in any part of these components so that your doors function safely and smoothly when opened or closed by hand or with an automatic opener mechanism installed on each side of your garage door unit (if applicable).

The springs

The springs are the most important part of your garage door. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to drive in and out of your garage. The springs lift the door and then let it fall back down when you close it. 

They also make sure that your garage door closes automatically when there’s not enough weight on it to keep it open (like if there are no cars inside). A spring is a long piece of metal wire that coils up into a spiral shape. The spool allows for more flexibility than if the wire were straight. 

When you put tension on one end of the spring, it will expand until all of its energy has been used up. It will release into its original form by unwinding or “coiling” back up again. Springs can be inspected by turning them over with pliers or even just shaking them around while they’re still connected to see if they sound loose or clunkily thumping against each other.

Safety sensors and openers

Most commercial garage doors come equipped with safety sensors, which are designed to detect objects in the path of the door. If a person or object is detected, the opener will automatically reverse and stop when it hits something. These sensors should be inspected regularly for damage or misalignment, as well as for signs of tampering.

Garage openers are also important safety devices that should be checked on a regular basis. The trolley and chain drive system that makes up most overhead garage door openers can easily become worn out over time if they aren’t properly maintained. When this happens, you may notice an unpleasant grinding noise when trying to operate your door manually or by remote control. This indicates that your opener needs repair work done.

The cables and tracks

Cables and tracks are the moving parts of the garage door. They work together to lift and lower the door, as well as open and close it. The cables run through pulleys that hang from brackets mounted on either side of the door opening. These pulleys are connected to rollers that ride along tracks within their own channel in order to move up and down at will.

The cables themselves consist of strong strands twisted together into one long rope-like material that can hold up to 12,000 pounds each. Hence why they are so important when it comes to keeping your garage safe. Because these cables need such immense strength, there’s typically a steel cable wrapped around them for added support; this is what makes commercial doors heavier than residential ones (they weigh about 100 pounds more).

When inspecting your garage door, a Commercial Garage Door Repair company will make sure that these essential components are functioning properly by examining all aspects of how they operate. From whether or not you can manually lift/lower your door without any issues. To whether or not there are loose screws holding your track in place. They will also check if any part has been damaged over time due to weathering or scuff marks caused by improper use. This includes oil spots left behind after driving over them with vehicles.

The Door

The door is the most important part of a garage door. The door is made up of a top, bottom, and sides. The top and bottom are called headers and tails. The sides are called sills.

It also has a track that runs along the bottom edge of the door opening to support it when it’s opened or closed. Rollers keep the track moving smoothly in front of the wheels on each side rail as they roll along during operation.

The inspector will inspect all these components to ensure proper function, safety and durability over time

Common problems with commercial garage doors that a Commercial Garage Door Repair Expert can fix

Commercial garage doors are incredibly strong, but even the best garage door can have problems. This is when you should call a Commercial Garage Door Repair company. The most common issues include the following.

Garage door won’t open or close

It’s possible that your garage door is just stuck. If you have trouble manually opening it, try turning the handle manually and see if it will move. If not, there could be something blocking the way for your garage door to open or close properly. 

You can check for obstructions by looking at the tracks on either side of your garage and make sure that nothing is blocking them from moving smoothly.

Garage door is off track

When a garage door does get off its track, it can cause injury to anyone who tries to use it or even causes damage inside of your home or business if left unattended for too long.

Garage doors are damaged

Accidents happen all too often when working with heavy machinery such as a commercial garage door opener system so it’s important that they’re in good condition before using them every day.

With their experience and expertise, Commercial Garage Door Repair Expert are able to assess the situation, diagnose any issues that may exist, and complete needed repairs efficiently with minimal disruption to the organization’s operations. Not only can they properly diagnose any problems that may arise, but they will also make sure all parts of the door are working properly so that it remains secure when not in use. Furthermore, they can provide expert advice on how best to keep your commercial garage door running as efficiently as possible by regularly checking for any potential issues and recommending steps for preventative maintenance. Ultimately, having a reliable commercial garage door repair team standing by helps businesses stay safe and provide secure access for employees and customers alike.

Common causes of garage door damage

Garage doors are the most exposed part of your home. They’re also a heavy, potentially dangerous and expensive piece of equipment. Because they’re made from metal, wood or both, garage doors are susceptible to rusting and rotting.

One common cause for damage is exposure to the elements: ice storms and blizzards can do serious harm if you don’t take precautions like clearing snow away from the door or covering it with a tarp. Another common cause is misuse: small children trying to see how high they can lift an open door before getting caught by their parents (or worse) are one example. Opening the door too hard when closing it causes another kind of damage as well.

How much does it cost a Commercial Garage Door Repair company to fix a broken garage door?

Just like every other repair job, the cost of fixing a broken garage door will vary depending on a number of factors. The first thing to consider is the type of garage door you have. If it’s an older model with tracks made from wood, the repair will be significantly cheaper than if you have a newer one with steel tracks or even steel rollers instead of aluminum ones. 

The same goes for your opener: if it’s an old-school spring opener instead of a chain drive or belt drive system, then that too will affect how much it costs to fix your problem

Do you have a backup system for your commercial garage doors? Call a Commercial Garage Door Repair Company

A backup system is a safety feature that prevents the door from closing on anything in its path, such as vehicles parked inside or people walking by. It’s especially important in areas where there are pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

How does it work? In a nutshell, the backup system senses when something blocks its path and then reverses direction so it can open again to allow passage through the door. This happens automatically. There’s no need for anyone to get involved until someone tries to move forward towards the closed door.

What do I need to know about backup systems? First things first: if you don’t have one installed yet and want one installed right away, contact a professional Commercial Garage Door Repair company for this! 

If you already have a working backup system but haven’t tested it recently because (let’s face it) who really likes testing their backups? Well guess what: we recommend testing them twice per year at minimum. Just like batteries die out over time if left unused, so do these systems – meaning there could come a time when they’re not working properly when needed most. So keep those backups up-to-date too.

A quality Commercial Garage Door Repair provider can help you get the best value for your money

A quality Garage door service provider can help you get the best value for your money. They will make sure that you do not end up with a low-quality door that needs to be replaced in just a few years, losing thousands of dollars over time. A good Garage door service provider will also make sure that your new door is installed properly and secured tightly so it lasts longer than many homeowners expect.

A quality Garage door service provider can help you avoid future problems with their services as well. Many people mistakenly assume they are going to find cheap garage doors because they are buying on the Internet or searching locally, but this is often not the case! The problem with buying cheap garage doors is they don’t last very long and they may break down sooner than expected, which means more work for you in trying to find someone who can fix them or replace them again sooner than later!


ALL Garage Doors and Gates offers Commercial Garage Door Repair

We hope this article was helpful to you and that it is clear how important it is for your garage door to be inspected regularly. We want you to know that there are many parts of your garage door which can be inspected by a professional technician who will give you an honest and fair assessment of its condition. 

Remember that garage door repair is a matter of safety, so it’s important that you find the most reliable company to do the work. A quality Garage door service provider like us can help you get the best value for your money. If you have any questions or concerns about commercial garage door repair, please don’t hesitate to ask us.



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