Iron Gate Repair North Hollywood CA

Iron Gate Repair North Hollywood CA

Iron gates are also called wrought iron gates, metal gates, or (most commonly) ornamental fences. Because they are made of steel, these types of items require rust-proof coating for protection against wet environments. They can be made with other materials such as maple wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and more. Nowadays, the most popular type of iron gate is steel because it’s durable and more resistant to corrosion than any other type of material listed before. It’s also more affordable and can be easily cleaned.

Repairing iron gates is very much different from repairing other types of gates you can find in the market today. And even if an iron gate gets damaged due to rust or residual water trapped at some part of the surface, there are still several ways on how it can be fixed. Repairing wrought iron gates requires a lot of patience and skill because it’s quite tricky. It’s also recommended that you only hire the services of expert contractors such as All Garage Door and Gates who have proven themselves over time in this industry so they can give you professional service at all times.


Common Problems with Iron Gates and how to fix them

Old iron gates are a common sight in both residential and commercial properties. Although they can be a beautiful addition to a property, the owner will need to put in some time and effort into maintaining them if they wish to keep them functioning properly. Iron is a strong and heavy material that requires regular maintenance. If left alone, not only can it rust but also become damaged from external factors such as trees, birds, snow, and rain among many others.

There’s nothing as frustrating as seeing your gate broken or damaged with no option but to replace it. Why not take the chance by doing the fixing yourself? Here are 5 most common problems associated with iron gates-and how you could fix them:

gate won't stay closed:

Several things could be wrong with your gate. If the latch is old and worn out, it's time to remove it and replace it with a new one. It's also worth checking if any of the hinges are loose or broken as these can also keep the gate from closing properly.

Newer gates come with metal straps that close together at each end of the gate to keep them closed no matter what. Old gates might not have this feature so you should bolt both ends of the gate together to ensure that they remain closed until you wish them open. Or maybe just hold onto those bolts for future use!

If nothing seems to work, consider removing the hinge pins on one side of the gate and slightly turning the hinges allowing for more space between them. This will give the appearance that the gate is closed but it's not locked.

Rusting iron gate

Iron gates are especially susceptible to rusting since they are exposed to rain, birds, and other environmental factors. The only way around this would be to use good quality galvanized steel for your gate which should last you a long time without any form of maintenance. Otherwise, keep your gate painted with either exterior oil-based paint or water-based paints as these work best in fighting off rusting corrosion on metal surfaces. You can also spray your paint onto the surface using an airless paint sprayer instead of brushing it on by hand if you wish to save time and effort.

Gate won't open

This is perhaps one of the most common problems with iron gates. It could be that the latch itself is broken or something else has gone wrong with it. The first thing you can do before calling in an expert is to remove the hinge pins on both sides of the gate and make sure that the hinges are correctly aligned with each other. If this doesn't work, be prepared to replace old worn-out parts such as your hinges or even your latches depending on how bad they're damaged.

Sticking lock

The lock could be simply stuck due to rust, but there's still a way to fix it! Take hot soapy water and apply it directly onto the keyhole until all crusted up dirt dissolves. A toothbrush will also help in removing stubborn bits of dirt.

If this doesn't work, try cleaning off the rust with a wire brush so that the lock isn't stuck anymore. It's also possible to use any kind of garage door lubricant on your keyhole if it's still not opening despite all these efforts. Sometimes you just need to give it one good hard push and then listen for that click that tells you it's open!

Broken Chain Link

This is an easy fix compared to many other problems we've already covered here Firstly remove the chain link from both sides of the gate and inspect if it has rusted through anywhere along the length of it If there are breaks, get your pliers ready and cut a new chain link to the exact length you need and then put them back on both ends of your gate. Don't forget to remove the rust with some sandpaper while you are at it!

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FAQs About Iron Gate Repair

Iron gates and doors may begin to rust because of surface damage — chipping, scratching, or scuffing — or from moisture seeping through the paint. Rust is a sign that your iron gate needs repair.

Before attempting to repair your gate, you should consider the professional ironwork services necessary for iron products that may be damaged or deteriorated. Repairs to rusted castings, welds, and other components will not only affect the integrity of the structure but also require technical expertise in terms of welding and painting if properly completed.

When hiring an Iron Gate Repair Company, you must look at their qualifications first. You want a company that has been around for a while. All Garage Door and Gates have many years of experience. We are licensed with the Contractors State License Board and fully insured.

Our years in the business also give us experience when it comes to dealing with problems that may arise, so you can rest assured that your Iron Gate Repair will be handled properly from start to finish.

An iron gate is a door or set of doors designed for architectural purposes made from steel or wrought iron. A small number of older gates are made from bronze but these too are usually treated as ironwork, rather than as works of art in their own right. Wrought iron gates were particularly popular in the nineteenth century, especially in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, when railings were very costly and cast iron was cheap.

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