Most of the times when you hear a loud POP & a spring snaps the door is completely shut or halfway closed. The steel spring or coil, which is under a lot of tension, can snap, mostly when it is extension spring that break, the snapped spring can cause damage to the garage door itself, or to nearby hardware and objects. Your door then becomes heavy and shows its true dead weight.

If your door was equipped with safety cables, they may have restricted the breaking spring to stay in the area where it is located.

Why do garage door springs break? There are a few reasons such as lack of general garage door maintenance (recommended 1-2 times a year), the spring bring too small or too big for the existing garage door, over-use of the garage door, or simply year of normal wear and tear. In most situations, the problem can be repaired immediately by replacing your broken garage door springs with new garage door springs to get your garage door working again.

ALL Garage Doors and Gates offer same day repairs for torsion and extension springs in North Hollywood. Since we carry most common size springs, most likely that we will be able to replace the broken springs on the spot. We also manufacture custom size garage door springs within 24 hours depending on size.

What should I do if my garage door spring breaks?

First thing to do when your garage door springs brake is to stop using the door and contact a garage door technician near me who can replace the broken garage door spring with a new one immediately. There is no need to panic or to wonder if the repair is going to cost a lot of money. Broken spring replacement in North Hollywood is something we deal with daily since it is one of the most common garage door issues. We have the tools and the experience to put the exact amount of tension on the spring, which will allow your door to stay balanced and make it light and easy to use even if you are using it manually.

Can I replace the spring by myself?

When the problem at hand is a broken garage door spring, and we are being asked if we recommend to replace it by doing-it-yourself, we always suggest to call a professional. Often times the customer doesn’t have the experience as our garage door technicians. Often times the garage door springs they bought are too light or heavy in size, poor metal quality and wont last. You may also believe you know how after watching a few YouTube videos, but knowing the exact garage door spring size, how to tension them and make sure they are placed properly should be handled by a professional garage door technician to avoid further damage to your door or more importantly, damage to you or your valuables.