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Garage Door Maintenance and Protection Tips

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We all have garage doors at home. But how many of us know how to take care of them? Garage door maintenance is important, but it’s also a lot easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll go over some tips for maintaining your garage door and protecting it against damage.

We all expect the weather to be at its fiercest when we go out, but what about when you’re staying indoors? Well, if you have a garage door your home might also be in danger. Heat can build up between the panels of your garage door and that could cause irreparable damage. To prevent this from happening too quickly try using insulation on the inside (if it’s gone or gone bad then you’ll actually want to replace it) and keep garages cool by leaving them open occasionally with the door down so they don’t accumulate heat.

Clean your garage door regularly with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust

It is important to clean your garage door regularly. Dirt and dust can build up on the door, making it hard for it to open and close smoothly. Dust collects in the tracks that guide the door up and down, while dirt may get stuck under rollers or along hinges. Over time this accumulation will make your garage doors harder to use, which means you’ll need more effort – not just when you open them but also when they’re closing.

Clean your garage door regularly with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. In addition, clean the tracks that guide the door up and down. Do not use abrasive cleaners on your garage doors, as they can damage the finish of your door.   If you have a wooden garage door, seal it with a penetrating oil-based exterior wood sealer once a year to prevent water from seeping into its core. Oil-based sealers allow more moisture to escape from inside the wood than water-based finishes do.

Apply a coat of sealant every few months to protect the door from weathering

Applying a coat of sealant every few months is the best way to keep your door from weathering over time. It also helps prevent rust from forming on the metal parts of the door which will eventually lead to cracks in the paint or rust spots on the ground below where water has been sitting for too long. Sealant should be applied before any major storms hit as well because high winds will cause more damage than anything else.

The other day we saw a small tree branch fall and hit the garage door. The damage was so extensive that it couldn’t be repaired and had to be replaced. This type of damage is common as heavy winds will sometimes cause branches to snap off trees and fall on top of your garage door, causing major dents, scratches, and even cracks in the paint. Since the tree branch damaged part of the sealant along with some paint, water can easily get into these areas when there are high winds or storms. Applying sealant before this happens is one way that you can protect your garage door from rusting which will eventually lead to expensive repairs if left unaddressed for too long.

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Inspect the door for any cracks or damage, and repair as necessary

Garage doors require regular maintenance and attention in order to keep them working properly, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do this without much hassle or expense at all! Here are just a few things you should do with your garage door: inspect the door for any cracks or damage, repair as necessary; clean off dirt and debris from the tracks using a vacuum cleaner attachment, so the door will run smoothly and be less likely to break down; check the garage door springs and cables for wear and replace them when necessary; lubricate your garage door. Use WD-40 or a similar product, but only spray in the center part of the roller’s track (do not spray near hinges because it can attract dust, which is counterproductive). It also helps if you clean out any debris from inside the track; when cleaning your garage doors, use gentle soap and water solution, do not use harsh chemicals or ammonia-based products.

Lubricate all moving parts of the door at least once a year

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Your garage door is an investment that will last for many years, but it needs to be maintained periodically to keep it in good working order. Lubricate all moving parts of the door at least once a year and check the springs for wear every six months. Keep your garage clean so there are no obstructions near the tracks or wheels which could make them malfunction. Replace worn-out weather stripping with new material as soon as possible because this can cause drafts that chill you during cold spells or let pests into your home when it’s warm outside. These tips should help you maintain your garage door properly and protect its value over time!

Keep the surrounding area clear of debris and plants that could block the door’s path

Keep the surrounding area clear of debris and plants that could block the door’s path. Clear snow off the tracks in winter or leaves during fall. Remove water from underneath when it rains by using a towel or squeegee before it freezes to prevent damaging ice buildup on the bottom side of the panels which can cause them to become unbalanced and create an unsafe condition with potential injury waiting to happen if they become detached from their rollers while still in motion. A loose panel will also affect your door’s ability to open and close. Be aware when moving objects in and out of the garage door’s path as this is often when an object will get caught on the track. If there is a wire in one section of a guide rail, inspect near each roller to be sure it’s not being dragged over in a spot where it could bind up parts by sticking between two sections. A small thin wire can have enough drag to slow down your door.

Use a garage door opener with an automatic shut-off feature to prevent accidents

A garage door opener is a device that opens and closes the door of a residential garage.  It can be activated with remote control, an external switch, or by pressing down on the handle in the car.  It’s important to know how to use your garage door opener safely because there are dangers associated with it. For instance, if you forget to turn off your automatic shut-off feature when using your remote control, then you could accidentally leave it open for hours without realizing it. This leaves an opening for potential intruders who may take advantage of this lapse in security. The best way to prevent accidents like these is by understanding how each type of opener works and following all safety precautions relevant to them while operating them.

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