Emergency Garage Door Repair North Hollywood CA

Emergency Garage Door Repair North Hollywood CA

Do you have a garage door that won’t close? Are you going on vacation and want to make sure your garage doesn’t get stuck open? Having a malfunctioning garage door can be a headache. However, there is no need to panic when the issue is something minor like a broken spring or opener. At All Garage Door and Gates of North Hollywood, we offer emergency lockout services for people in the area who need their garage door fixed fast!


With All Garage Door and Gates, you can have peace of mind that your valuable property is protected by our professional technicians who are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as additional discounts to our existing customers. Our emergency garage door repair services include (but are not limited to):

  • Spring replacement – Springs break every so often due to weather changes or even just normal wear and tear from opening and closing the door over time. But springs need to be replaced at the first sign of any damage to avoid potentially damaging your garage door opener. If a spring snaps, call us immediately! First-time homeowners may not be aware that their springs can break every few years, until it is too late. With All Garage Door and Gates, you can avoid the inconvenience of being trapped with a jammed garage door by calling us immediately once you notice something is wrong with your spring!


  • Keypad replacement – Sometimes keypads stop working even if there are no signs that anything is wrong with them. However, eventually, these devices tend to lose their responsiveness or malfunctioning buttons begin giving users trouble. If this happens, call our company right away so we can send someone out as soon as possible! Even broken buttons can pose a safety hazard because they prevent homeowners from opening and closing their garage doors quickly when they are in a rush to leave or enter the house. Replacing damaged keypads and sensors quickly is the best way to ensure that you won’t be left stranded should something happen.


  • Replacing parts – Many homeowners assume that just because they didn’t buy their overhead doors from us, we cannot help them with issues such as broken springs or panel replacement. However, our company has decades of experience working on all types of commercial and residential garage door systems. If you had a garage door installed by a different company and it needs repairs, call All Garage Door and Gates right away! We offer same-day service so your problems can be resolved faster than you could imagine possible!


  • Keyless entry – Keypads are not just for security anymore; now they are often used to give homeowners remote access to their garage doors. Some of our clients in North Hollywood and surrounding areas prefer keyless entry because they like how it adds convenience to their life with a push of a button. However, if your keypad is not responding anymore, this could affect the safety of your family. If you have trouble opening your garage door using your remote or keypad, call All Garage Door and Gates immediately!


  • Gate opener replacement – When your automatic gate motor stops working, you need immediate assistance from an experienced technician so it can be fixed before someone gets hurt. A broken or unresponsive gate motor reduces safety measures since gates no longer open automatically when approached. You may think that a non-functioning gate can wait until another day, but this will only cause more problems! Our technicians can not only repair your gate opener so you can get outside without a key or remote, but we also carry new models should yours be beyond repair.

Benefits of Emergency Garage Door Repair

An emergency garage door repair can help you regain access to your house and other parts of your compound. This repair service is vital especially if the cause for the recent breakdown was an unforeseen natural disaster or accident, such as a strong windstorm or earthquake. These emergencies could damage your garage doors in various ways and because these damages occur without notice, it’s best to have a company that offers emergency services on standby so you are sure to have backup support.

Why Choose Us for Emergency Garage Door Repair?

Whenever you need Emergency Garage Door Repair Services in North Hollywood, CA, we will arrive as fast as possible and provide you with quality Emergency Garage Door Repair services.

No matter what kind of problems you are dealing with, we will handle them perfectly. The only reason why we can guarantee such a great level of service is that we have a team of highly skilled repairmen who always do their job right the first time. Even if other Emergency Garage Door Repair providers failed to fix your problem, we will not fail as well simply because we use the most professional and advanced technologies and hardware. This means that no matter how big or small the problem is that you are dealing with right now, can be fixed fast and without any problems.

Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need Emergency Garage Door Repair services because we will solve your problem quickly and efficiently!

FAQ about Emergency Garage Door Repair

Emergency garage door repair service can help you in times when your garage door has broken down or malfunctions. The best thing about hiring All Garage Door and Gates is that we can assist you even at night or on weekends when others are closed. This is why hiring an emergency service at any time of the day may turn out to be very helpful and convenient.

All Garage Door and Gates is a family owned company that will provide you with garage door installation and maintenance services at any time of the day. We offer 24/7 service and can handle issues like parts replacement, fixing remote controls, and replacing springs and cable wires. However, these services may differ from one provider to another; some companies which offer emergencies only will not install new doors for you or perform routine maintenance activities.

Apart from the obvious hazards involved in such activity (even when you know what you’re doing), it’s much safer to hire a professional for this job. Our professional technicians have years of experience and are equipped to repair your garage door on the spot.

If your garage door is jammed shut with the car inside, for instance, and you don’t want to wait until the next day, give ALL Garage Doors and Gates a call. Of course, avoiding accidents and injuries is priority number one. Garage doors are heavy moving objects that can be very dangerous if raised accidentally or due to power surges in the spring mechanism. Repairing them is no easy task without proper lifting mechanisms in place.

Yes. We offer not only emergency service but we can also carry out scheduled and routine maintenance activities like lubricating the tracks and springs, tightening loose parts and cleaning the exterior components of your garage door. We also provide garage door replacements, with many designs and styles ranging from wood, glass or steel garage doors.

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