Residential or Commercial Garage Door Repair North Hollywood CA

Residential or Commercial Garage Door Repair North Hollywood CA

If you need garage door repair, you have come to the right place. Residential and Commercial garage doors require regular maintenance usually every 6 months, however, most people are not aware of this or simply don’t think about it. They often overlook the signs that indicate they should have a professional garage door repair technician come out to inspect. This is when they end up having an emergency on their hands that leaves them unable to use one of the most important aspects of their business. Here are some signs it’s time for garage door repair:


When you have one or more of these issues, contact us for garage door repair. It’s important for your home or business because if the overhead door is not working correctly it can cause problems with opening or closing properly, or at all. You may not be able to close the door overnight, depending on the issue at hand. That being said, you do not want to wait until an emergency sets in before getting garage door repair done. It’s better to get on top of things right away so no further damage will be caused by neglecting this type of maintenance work.

If there are any issues with your garage door, schedule a time to meet with an expert for garage door repair. They can help you identify any issues with your current door and recommend the solution that is best for your needs. It’s important to get this work done by professionals because they are experienced and have the solutions that are best suited to the type of overhead door you have. Call on All Garage Door and Gates to take care of these types of issues, offering free consultations and can offer the most professional repair options.

Most Common Types of Garage Door Repairs

There are a few types of garage door repairs that you need to know about. Understanding these will help you know which type your issue is, and then you can choose the best company for the job, namely All Garage Door and Gates!

Cables That Are Loose or Snapped

If one or more of your cables have snapped or loosened from the drum,  your garage door will not work correctly and may be jammed diagonally and offtrack. As long as they are working properly, nothing happens. But once you have a snap in the cable, it changes how things are supposed to move on your garage door’s tracks. You probably won’t notice these things happening, but your cables are vital to how the door works. If you need to have cables replaced, you must call a garage door repair company right away. A licensed, experienced technician will know which cables are necessary for your type of overhead garage door.

Broken Garage Door Springs

This is more common than garage door cable repairs because it takes longer for the springs to break – usually a few years. Over time, all extension springs and torsion springs start to stretch out their coils. Once the spring becomes so worn, the spring will break. Garage door springs should be replaced by a skilled professional. We do not recommend doing it yourself as they can be dangerous and possibly hurt you if not replaced properly. There are many sizes of springs and a professional would be able to provide standard or custom size springs to properly fit your overhead garage door.

You Need New Tracks or Rollers

If your commercial garage door repairs include needing new tracks or rollers, chances are you didn’t notice at first that they were worn out. This is particularly true if it took some time for them to get to this point. Sometimes, all you need to do is get new tracks or rollers, and then the issue will be fixed without having any other issues with your door. However, before installing them, you must clean off any dirt or debris on the track of your garage door because if there are things stuck in there, it could make the new part not work right away. This type of project can usually be solved rather quickly by a garage door professional.

Benefits of Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial garage doors are very special and unique in their worth. The door needs general maintenance to make them function properly for a long time to come. Commercial Garage Door Repair is very important as it will reduce the need to replace the entire door due to damages that may occur or wear and tear that occurs gradually with use.

Our trained commercial garage door technician can check all parts of your commercial garage door, from its wheels, tracks and cables. They will also inspect the springs as well as other hardware connected to your door so you won’t have any problems when operating them within a period after having repairs done on them. 

It is very important to have the proper safety measures of your business in place, especially if you are running one that has many employees or members of the public visiting it regularly. Investing in professional garage door services can help prevent any emergency repairs that can be done on parts of the door which might pose dangers to people using them. Additionally, commercial garage doors tend to last for a long time since they are made with materials that are more resilient than residential ones, as long as they are properly handled and repaired by a professional.

Why Should You Hire Us for Garage Door Repair?

If you’re in need of Garage Door Repair, then your best bet is to call ALL Garage Doors and Gates. We offer reliable and trustworthy garage door repair services in North Hollywood CA and surrounding areas. Another reason – we provide same-day emergency garage door repair service. If ever you need our help when it comes to Garage Door Repair, all you have to do is give us a call!

This approach has enabled us to amass a huge number of fully satisfied customers. In turn, more homeowners have been loyal to us throughout the years due to our professional garage door repair services. We are thankful to have earned our professional and expert reputation and know that you can’t go wrong with putting your trust in our service.

We guarantee satisfaction with every Garage Door Repair project that we undertake. If for some reason the customer is not satisfied with what we’ve done, then we will do everything within our power to make it right.

We’re quite confident that this commitment to excellence is one of the things that has gained us so much recognition and respect from such a huge pool of customers. Of course, word of mouth referrals have given us the opportunity to serve your friends and family – and we appreciate each opportunity.

FAQ about Commercial Garage Door Repair

Your warranty will always depend on the brand you purchase and the specific door you choose. However, most manufacturers offer limited lifetime guarantees which cover materials and finishes

You can manually release your garage door by pulling on the emergency cord. This will allow the garage door to lower down. But please be careful, if your garage door springs are broken or the cables have split or loosened, the door may slam down. Please reach out to a professional garage door technician for assistance.

There are plenty of websites online that will provide you with information about your local companies, some are even free of charge! All you have to do is perform a simple search on Google and you will see your results quickly appear in front of you!

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