Automatic Garage Door Installation North Hollywood CA

Automatic Garage Door Installation North Hollywood CA

An automatic garage door installation is a type of garage door that opens and closes through an electric motor, without human assistance. Automatic garage doors typically open and close at the push of a button or touchpad, and some can even be opened by smartphone.

They are also known as motorized garage doors. Automatic garage door installation is often part of a home automation system, which links various electronic systems like lighting and climate control in homes. Smartphone-operated automatic garage doors can be programmed to open when the homeowner nears the house; closing the door after reaching inside. However, they are not suitable for houses on hillsides or steep slopes since it is difficult to make the machine stop over a certain point.


Types of Automatic Garage Door Installation

Automatic Garage Doors are really common in today’s world. But did you know that there are many different types of Automatic Garage Door installation? There is even a type that involves having no door at all! Here are the most common types of Automatic Garage Door Installation.

  • Jackshaft installation is when there is still a regular garage door in place, but an electric motor is installed between the tracks that raise and lower it. There are usually some supports for this new motor to rest on, so it does not affect the integrity of the existing door. This type of Automatic Garage Door installation can be used with any standard design of wooden or metal doors. The key advantage to this type of automatic garage door installation is that you get all of the benefits without making changes to your exterior look at all!


  • Full Track Conversion systems come in two different varieties: complete replacement and retrofit kits (sold separately). Complete replacement systems replace your entire track system, while retrofit kits only replace the interior section.


  • Whip Rod Installation is when a rod mechanism replaces your existing garage door tracks. It has an arm that fits onto the top of the track and rotates it. These types of Automatic Garage Door installation might not be available in all areas due to local building codes.

Benefits of Having an Automatic Garage Door Installed

Nearly every homeowner wants to keep their garage safe from burglars, thieves, and other malingers. And installing an automatic garage door isn’t too hard either. Here are some benefits of having an automatic garage door installed in your house :

No need to manually open the door

This is the biggest benefit because it saves you much time. You can still open your garage using a special mechanism connected with your smartphone or by touching a screen fixed on the side of the wall adjacent to where you park your car.

Prevents theft

Theft cases have increased significantly all over America. If you have an automated garage, your motor vehicle will be safely stored inside protecting it from being plundered away by thieves.

Automatic garage doors are easy to install

The hardest part of installing a motorized garage door is getting the power supply and the panel. If you have already secured all these things, then you may go ahead and hire a professional for the rest because installing an automatic garage door isn't that hard at all.

You can save much time

You don't have to get out of your car every time you park in your driveway or in any other place. An electric garage door will open by itself when you come near it so you may even continue driving while doing other activities such as talking on your phone or listening to music while waiting for it to be opened completely.

Added security feature

Your home will be safer and more secure by having an automatic garage door installed. You can monitor your vehicle even if you're away from your house so there's no need to lock it up in a secured place.

Automatic garage doors are custom-made

This means that depending on what design you want, the manufacturer will create one just for you. Whether you like round or square, flat or arched ones, they're all available for purchase.

Automatic garage doors come in different colors and sizes

If you prefer green, white, red, brown, or anything else when it comes to colors, then there's nothing to worry about because these electric doors come in many shades and shapes. The best part is that they'll match any color of your house.

Many people prefer automatic garage doors

It's becoming a trend because you see many houses now equipped with an electric garage door especially those modern homes designed to suit the needs of their residents. If you want to be like your neighbors, then getting one for yourself is a must.

Automatic garage doors can last long

You don't have to bother much about looking for another one any time soon because these things are stronger and safer than manual ones. The best thing about automatic garage doors is that they're not as expensive as what people think them to be. And if it gets damaged after some years, just replace the parts and maintain it properly so it will work well again.

No need for extra care

Since automatic garage doors can last longer and you don't need to worry about opening and closing them manually, maintenance should be easier for you because you'll only need to check if there are no damages after some time.

Why Choose Us for Automatic Garage Door Installation?

At All Garage Doors and Gates, we have been performing automatic garage door installation in North Hollywood for a lengthy time. The number of happy clients who chose to refer us to friends and family is a testament to our expertise, reputation, and care for the convenience of our clients.

Our services are available throughout the city. Our qualified technicians will travel to your home or business premises so that you can experience efficient, quick, and most importantly – excellent service.

We offer several garage door opener repair, replacement, and maintenance solutions with different brands of products so that you can choose something that fits your preferences. However, it is important to note that with every type of garage door opener product line, all products come with an industry-standard warranty on parts and labor.

We also offer free advice on what type of garage door product will suit your needs the best, whether it is for an old or new house. We can provide you with a wide array of solutions that are eco-friendly, durable, safe, and designed to last long.

FAQ about Automatic Garage Door Installation

The main components of a garage door include reinforcement steel, tracks, torsion springs, hinges, weather seal gasket, headers, and rollers.

Inspect your garage doors regularly for any signs of damage. A small crack in a section of the door can spread with enough force from being opened and closed over time, so if you notice any cracks or chips in the surface always get it replaced before it becomes a full-blown problem that is more complex to fix. If your garage door opener has been working improperly, have an expert come by and see what is going on rather than continuing to use it until one day something goes wrong. Some things need only be maintained to ensure they continue working properly; however, other things should be repaired immediately because if they go wrong you could end up getting injured if the door goes flying down at any time.

You can easily replace it yourself if that is what you prefer, but you should hire a company that specializes in this kind of work to ensure quality and professionalism. Since they are experts in their field, they will be able to quickly assess the entire situation and tell you how soon you would need your doors replaced. You will also not risk injuring yourself or damaging any property since they know exactly what they are doing including all the safety precautions necessary when dealing with heavy objects like garage doors, especially since there could be multiple dangerous parts involved like torsion springs. Not only do professionals take care of everything at once, but they will also provide you with an accurate quote the first time around.

While several different factors come into play when it comes to determining how much you would need to pay, such as the type of material used for your garage door and its size, so there is no way of knowing how much it will cost until after talking directly with professionals who can give you prices depending on all the different variables necessary for them to come up with an estimate in terms of time and cost.

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